Our mission

LenniJó [Its Great to Be] Foundation wishes to provide high functioning individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their environment a physically and emotionally Protected Space.

We support numerous forms of self expression to ensure several channels supporting quality relationships between those affected and their environment.

Our goal is to develop the talents of Aspis (persons with Asperger’s), to help them achieve a balanced life-style, ease their integration with the support of family members, peers, teachers, professionals and employers, as well as by educating and sensitizing society.

We believe that the people in the spectrum can become useful and respected members of an open-minded society in which they can bravely be themselves.

Our activites

Conflict Management With A Problem-Solving Approach

Over 90% of children with Asperger’s Syndrome become the victims of violent bullying or social exclusion by their grammar school years. They are also the primary targets of workplace harassment termed mobbing.

The key to managing such conflict situations is to keep appropriate objectivity and to know the distinctive dynamics of autism, prepare the environment and make it predictable by applying specific and realistic rules.


Talent Workshop

Our Foundation strives to develop talents in an autism-friendly manner, with consideration to its special features and needs. The aim is to enable those affected to capitalize on their talents into their adulthood.

The special perspective of someone with Asperger’s syndrome is often coupled with extraordinary intellectual capabilities and a deeper, more detailed interest the average person. 

The regularity of the IT world can be especially attractive for an Aspi.  With them in mind, we have an active cooperation with the János Neumann IT Faculty of Óbuda University to complete the development of an IT virtual education curriculum and are also collaborating to develop a so-called ‘gamification’ that creates a game environment for socialization, assists daily life issues and real-life situations.

Our creative workshops apply an upcycling approach by creating valuable assets from waste, thereby protecting our planet, minimizing damage to the environment and reducing our ecological footprint

Mentorship Network

Who better to understand the dynamics of an Aspi than someone who is also affected?

The older, more mature and experienced members of the Aspi community can support the younger generation by sharing their experiences.

The purpose of the Aspi Mentor Network is to create a virtual Protected Space on the basis of international best practices that can be especially useful to those in the Carpathian Basin sharing a mother language. This would also reduce the Budapest focus of care and support for the concerned group.

Workplace Integration Program

The Hungarian healthcare system only cares for those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger’s Syndrome up to the age of 16. After that age these young people and their families are left to their own devices in coping with school, higher education and workplace environments.

We wish to aid the integration of Aspi youngsters and adults with our workplace integration coaching program, where we prepare the environment and initiate the individual into that community in a concerted effort.

Talent Farm

The aim of the LenniJó Self-Sustaining Farm is to create a Protected Space for integration and sensitizing, where people with autism spectrum disorder and their families have access to training, development and life coaching via the universal language of gastronomy, nature and art, while the general public is sensitized and their talents can grow as a joint experience.

Organic farming based creative therapy supports the social and co-operative skills development through real life experiences, develops visual thought processes, creativity and fosters talent.

The organic farm intends to produce its own sustaining resources. Farming supports the therapy and social activities.

Nature camps, summer camps and family hospitality services can all be catered for in this space suitable for hospitality and social events. 

Taste and Flavor Perception Development

We develop taste and flavor perception as per the slow food movement in this natural environment removed from the stimuli of bustling city life, thereby elevating the culture of eating habits that also affect social skills to a higher level.

Local gastronomy based community cooking sessions in the spirit of ‘the fertile soil to dining table’ approach respecting local traditions are knowledge- and experience-building events.

Food Production

We plan to produce food as a social enterprise by rethinking classic farming practices which are sustainable and environment friendly while the volumes are small scale.

We plan on producing healthy, environmentally sustainable cheese and dairy products, meat and meat products, baked goods and preservatives 


We differ in various ways.

It may be easier to find our similarities if we’re aware of our differences.

Exploring complementary and mutually reinforcing values is the basis for their acceptance as permanent norms.

The common horizontal aim of our endeavors is to sensitize society to autism and raise awareness of this phenomenon.

Our Team

Dr. Bernadett Tóth

Dr Andrea Szentgyörgyi

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
An Aspi,
who dared to dream up LenniJó
coach, judicial mediator and chef
mission in developing taste perceptions and workplace integration
the driver of a family of five 

Sándor Tóth

Tamás Vajna

Member of the Board of Trustees
LenniJó media correspondent
journalist, horseman
the Talent Farm is his pet project
sports dad


Mária Alkonyi

Babett Barta

 graphic artist

Balázs Faa

maybe neurotipical,
online communication tool provider of LenniJó
artist, webdesigner,
his pet project is talent workshop
happy member of a family with two children

Mária Gallai

János Matisz

Program Manager
atypical neurotypical
responsible for fund raising and public affairs
agricultural economist, business development specialist, judicial mediator
creating the Talent Farm is his pet project
problem-solving driver of a five-member family with 2 Aspis

Réka Szabó

Active neurotypical
in charge of LenniJó social media and international relations
university student
sensitizing externals is her pet project
the oldest child


Please help us achieve our mission!

Did you know that 1% of the Hungarian population is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, so several hundred thousand people already know that they are living, studying and/or working with someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome?


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